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Back in 2009, Keredy worked with one of the early hosted VOIP providers, when telling the story about the benefits of the cloud was an emerging idea. More recently Hannes has provided integrated PR and marketing support to EMEA’s largest NetSuite cloud-ERP software partner.  

We have experience of explaining the benefits of technology to customers in detail for technical audiences and more broadly for the layman, in compact social posts as well as in-depth whitepapers.

Winvic Construction Ltd logo - black and red - multidisciplinary main contractor in the UK.
Winvic Construction Ltd logo - black and red - multidisciplinary main contractor in the UK.
  • Integrated strategy

  • Social media content

  • Blogs

  • Thought leadership articles

  • Email marketing

  • Partnerships and events

BrightBridge first appointed Hannes in the middle of 2019 to provide a maternity cover service for their social media, blog, event and email content. Following the marketing manager’s return, we continued to support BrightBridge with always-on activity, devising campaigns and numerous case studies. Since, we have also delivered PR services and stepped in once again to take responsibility for activity while the marketing manager was on maternity leave.

In September 2023, BrightBridge merged with NoBlue and Elevate2 to create the largest NetSuite Partner in Europe – NoBlue2. We have supported the businesses through the transition and have been engaged to deliver social media content, which has comprised developing the brand aesthetics in images and videos.

“BrightBridge – and now NoBlue2 – has worked with Hannes for almost five years and they’re a great extension of our Marketing team. They did a brilliant job of covering my maternity leave – twice – where they managed our blog content and social posts, and also designed supporting images, created printed collateral and produced videos. Additionally, they have stepped in to help with event support when required.

“They have continued to support our marketing strategy with blog and social activity, and targeted campaign content. They have a strong attention to detail, with a professional approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Hannes team.”

Fiona Waterfield

Marketing Manager, NoBlue2

Working at agency Punch, Keredy held the role of Account Director and looked after Sony Mobile‘s global SEO team aand insight gathering platform, Cint, driving content creation and link building activity for both companies.

She also helped to launch and promote a new builder’s merchant comparison website – Trades Supermarket – which was backed by celebrity Tommy Walsh.

Furthermore, she worked with VOIP calling service Natterbox in it’s early days, now an AI-powered contact centre solution, as well as discount code provider Savoo.