pr services

We’re retained by clients to deliver across the full PR mix and we assist businesses on an ad-hoc basis, for example when they have some company news that needs shaping into a press release and pitching to the media.

What’s crucial for us to uncover interesting angles and create a story – that’s both newsworthy and showcases your business – is to gather the information at hand and learn about the experiences and opinions of your expert team members.

We understand what makes an engaging story, so we gather the building blocks and carefully craft narratives that ring true with audiences. A business’ communications activity isn’t just about getting leads – increasing brand awareness, illustrating your expertise and stimulating engagement is the first step in steering prospects down the marketing funnel.



If you already have a strategy for us to work to, then that’s perfect. If you’d like us to review it or to start from scratch and create a comprehensive plan that encompasses, audiences, media targets, key messages and frequency of communications and content, we’re also great at doing that. Either email or pick up the phone and we’ll go from there. We’re always happy to create a top-level proposal document or to just have a chat about your needs, our experience and to offer our initial opinion based on a quick exploration of your current marketing and PR activity.

media relations

Media relations covers a few areas, including business and spokesperson introductions, news story distribution, pitching for features or guest article slots and media alerts and reactive liaison – also known as news-jacking.

Relationships with journalists are important, but first and foremost your story – whether company news or long-form opinion piece – has to be something that readers want to read. We’ll tier relevant media targets, gather editors’ details and build trust with outlets through delivering great narratives.

news releases and alerts

Written in third person, with minimum hyperbole and the who, what, where, why and how front and central, a news release – or media release – is an effective way of reaching many with one piece of collateral. A news alert is a shorter, more informal communication that is either intended to hook a journalist in to find out more, for example if you’re able to comment and add value to a breaking news story, or to inform the publication of immediately usable content, such as a quote, statistics or images.


Some publications have ‘forward features’ lists, which detail their focus topics for the 12 months ahead. Armed with these we can pitch stories appropriate to the specific theme, which may involve a video interview, an in-person visit from a journalist, questions over email or a brief for an article. Should a target title not have a topic list, then we’ll open discussions and make suggestions based on our understanding of a killer feature.

thought leadership articles

Similar in many ways to a feature pitch, when expressing interest to the media about providing a thought leadership article – also known as a by-lined or opinion piece – we would generally create a number of synopses for the title to choose from. If more than one option sounds perfect for their readers, they will often ask for multiple to schedule over a few months and our quality storytelling has resulted in journalists reapproaching us to ask if our client wants to submit more content.

When working in a cohesive way across the marketing and PR mix, synopses can inform or be informed by your website’s blog posts too – it facilitates consistent stories but also working this way achieves a greater return on investment. Nevertheless, when it comes to budget, it important for us to note the gradual changes in the media landscape – aka the demise of print and challenge of free online content – and a proportion of thought leadership articles are essentially sponsored content. That means you need to budget for publication fees if you want your stories to reach the readers of certain titles.

case study led content

Media across all sectors want stories that resonate with their readers and you’re aim is to attract those readers whom the story resonate with. What better way to tell your success story than by letting your customers or clients tell it for you. By working closely with your team and your partners, we can extract the challenges that were overcome, learn why your expertise made all the difference and ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the results.

award entries

Not an activity to be taken lightly, we’d always advise gathering information as you go – not 6 months after the project has finished and 4 weeks before the entry deadline! Nevertheless, sometimes these things can’t be helped, and we’re experienced in teasing out information from documents and by interviewing the people who know the project inside out.

Award categories also include people’s and general business achievements too and when you make the shortlist or win, the third-party recognition showcases your business in truly authentic and meaningful way. Submissions wildly vary, from a 500-word open entry to 2000 words across multiple set questions; some allow extra evidence, some don’t. If you have an outstanding project or area of business area that’s all about excellence, let’s start by researching where it can be entered and then start telling your submission story.

We have experience working in B2B service industries – including construction and property, software and tech, and manufacturing – and B2C arts and interiors sectors – including festivals, art, DIY and interior design.

However, we believe in the skills we’ve sharpened over the last 20+ years and we’re never shy of a challenge, whatever your industry or audience.

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