marketing services

Whether you’re looking for a cohesive package across multiple channels – which is what we do best – a one-off social media audit and strategy or a short-term content campaign, the Hannes team can assist.

We just love really great stories – and if you don’t think you have any, we’ll tease them out of your expert team members (because you absolutely will have). Whatever the output – website copy, a blog, or email content – we’ll carefully craft the narrative to keep the reader engaged and hit your key messages as we go.

Great copy is central to Hannes’ storytelling services and our experience means we can set the perfect tone for your business. One size never fits all though, so we’ll ensure that your website hits the right notes, that your blogs sound like the people we’ve ghostwritten them for and that your social content prioritises reach and engagement goals.

Your brand aesthetics, videos and events are also key characters in your story, and we can help with more than just the words.


We love to get our teeth into an integrated strategy and if you’d like us to create one, we’re in, but similarly, we can focus on any single element and either keep it top-line or really deep dive. Need us deliver based on a current strategy? Absolutely, let’s dig into your channels, audience, tone of voice, themes and messages. To get to know us before you appoint Hannes you may prefer a call or face-to-face meeting where we can talk about our experience and offer our initial opinion based on your needs and current activity, or we can create a document with our proposed approach.

always on vs campaigns

Always-on content regular and is based on your key messages; 3 LinkedIn posts a week, 2 blog posts a month and quarterly newsletter for example. A campaign focuses on one particular area where information can be more in-depth and more frequent over a set period of time; this could include emails, case studies and ghostwritten articles from experts in your business and even bespoke social media header images. We’ll go through an ideation process with your team to create a season of content for the right channels.


Blogs can take on many different forms, but the bottom line is they need to be informative and high quality; you won’t be doing your SEO any favours with keyword stuffed content under 500 words. They are an opportunity for you to say anything and everything about your services, products, experts, sustainability credentials and the benefits that you deliver to your customers or clients. Of course, we won’t say anything and everything per se! We’ll work with you to obtain the strategically themed, relevant and accurate information so we can craft it into an authentic story that will resonate with readers.

ghost-written content

A successful ghost-written article to be published on your website – or to be placed in the media as a thought leadership article – relies on our experience to ask the by-lined author pertinent questions. It’s really just a chat, but we’ll deep dive into the author’s experiences, opinions and knowledge, and most importantly get a feel for their character. One of our specialisms is to create an article that captures the essence of the interviewee and their tone of voice, but the content will sensitively weave in company or campaign key messages  and  make good narrative sense; we tell stories that people want to read to the end.

video blogs

Video blogs – or vlogs – that are published on YouTube and your website are a highly-engaging way to tell your story and a great asset of any campaign. We will work to your team’s strengths and also help them through the on-camera interview process if they’re nervous or need to read lines. We can undertake the planning, filming and editing and naturally keep the end aesthetics and background music on brand; you can ramp up ROI by using the same content to create shorter videos for your social media channels.

social media

It’s important to be where your target audience is but unless you’re taking an inauthentic approach with AI, social media content is surprisingly resource heavy. We aim to find a balance between being there with the right messages and wasting money endless posts, and crucially to tell a cohesive story without it all being ‘me, me, me’. Tactics to increase reach and engagement will feature in your weekly social content calendar and we love to work closely with sales teams to target and capitalise on new social connections and bolster pertinent messages that will help warm prospects to sign that contract or click buy.

We also create images to accompany content and we can develop these designs from scratch if you don’t have templates. Scheduling or natively posting on your behalf is usually part of the brief and we can also agree a response strategy if you’d like us check channels on a daily basis and engage with followers. We do create videos, as we explain above, but if video content is your top priority, we’re not the team for you; by all means get in touch and we can recommend an amazing agency.

case studies

What was the brief, what was your solution, what challenges did you overcome using your skills and knowledge? But most importantly – what do your clients or customers have to say about the results and the experience of working with you. We can speak to the people in your team and other stakeholders to get to the heart of the project or initiative that you successfully delivered, and hopefully also exceeded expectations on. If you’re looking for a case study PDF document to be designed so it can be used at events or sit on your website in a downloadable format, our team has experience of this, as well as brochure and newsletter design, which you can read about below.

email content

We have created the copy for a variety of different emails including monthly always-on updates, series for specific campaigns and suites of emails based on customer journeys, sent to audiences through automated workflows based on action or inaction. Working in a smart, cohesive way, we take a helicopter view of your activity – blogs, media coverage and case studies, for example – and plan email content to reiterate messages, signpost information and put a spotlight on customer benefits. Should you want us to use your preferred email marketing tool to build and deploy emails, we’re totally comfortable with that too.

website design and build

We offer website development services for small businesses and organisations like village halls that need a professional looking online presence that tells their story and is built with signals that search engines take note of. We can also small host sites and take care of domain name registration and renewals. There are many DIY options available but sometimes you need a creative and technical hand. We use WordPress and Divi because they’re powerful, flexible and easy to use – we can make changes and add content to your site ongoing, but we like to empower users and help clients keep their costs down. However, the Hannes Avengers team includes coders and technical specialists, and we can recommend some very brilliant webdev agencies if you’re looking for something complex and bespoke.


Monthly, quarterly or annual newsletters can update your clients or customers about your successes as well as move prospects down the marketing funnel and reaching new audiences. Most typically they are digital documents, but they range from a standard PDFs to interactive micro-sites; drag and drop software such as Foleon provides a media-rich experience, so you can tell your story through a combination of words, images, video, animations and even graphs. We’ll work with you to gather the facts and create a series of articles that illustrate what you’ve achieved for your customers and clients. Here’s one recent example of Hannes’ writing, in Winvic Word 2023/2024.

brochures and leaflets

Hard copy brochures and leaflets, along with case study documents, remain key collateral for businesses who attend events while digital versions are much more standard tool in a sales team’s arsenal. Design and wordcount can be a tricky balance, but thanks to our PR background where hitting a word count for a print magazine is crucial we used to this challenge. If you have an in-house or external designer we’re happy to liaise directly with them, or we can develop a design for you using a number of different methods. For example, a client wanted their products-to-hire brochure to be more professional looking and on brand but also it needed to be updated on a regular basis; we suggested utilising power point so that they easily manage that process themselves.


While stock images serve many purposes, there’s nothing like a real-life approach and it’s an absolute must for a large percentage of businesses and non-profits to showcase projects, products and their team members. Events and candid photography – that’s where nobody is posing – are also specialities of ours and we believe in capturing life’s moments. We also offer a headshot service, but don’t expect a full studio set up – our passion lies in using natural and available light, and we carefully incorporate flash photography when necessary to augment the mood and detail. If you’re looking for a modern style of photography for your marketing and PR, which radiates genuine human emotion, then please get in touch.

internal comms

We’re not an internal communications specialist, but if it isn’t about telling stories to people about people through a variety of mediums to encourage engagement or action, we’ll shut up shop now. Snappier messages can be delivered through mediums like tabletop signs, digital signage and pop-up banners and more in-depth pieces of information are often sent by emails, through internal social platforms or intranets and newsletters. And as discussed in the above section we provide design services too if you need more than words.

It would be crazy for us to not talk about events in this section as getting the team together allows you bring your story to life, bolster moral and built rapport. We’ve been involved in large all company ‘thank you’ events where people have a dance, some food and a few drinks as well as specific-team building days where work and fun is equal in the mix. Head over to our events services page for more information on how we can support you with team events, exciting expo booths and customer days.


We don’t have any standard training packages, but we van work with you and pass on some of the knowledge we’ve gained from many years of experience. That experience – as well as our deep understanding of storytelling and passion for cohesive marketing and PR activity – can be particularly eyeopening to young, developing teams. So whether you’d like us to come in to talk about social media tactics, how PR connects with SEO, social and sales or to work with a team over a number of weeks to help elevate their output, we’ll devise sessions or a programme directly linked to your goals.

We have experience working in B2B service industries – including construction and property, software and tech, and manufacturing – and B2C arts and interiors sectors – including festivals, art, DIY and interior design.

However, we believe in the skills we’ve sharpened over the last 20+ years and we’re never shy of a challenge, whatever your industry or audience.

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