about Hannes

Hannes was founded by Keredy Andrews in 2015, following 15 years of experience in press offices, events management, and an integrated PR, SEO and social media agency.

You may know it as a looped square, but the St Hannes Cross – pronounced Han-nes, not hans or hayns – is the perfect graphic representation of how a business’ marketing and PR activity should work. Distinct channels shaped cohesively.

We’d love to get to know you and your business’ story and then help you tell it through an integrated approach.

We offer a PR and marketing agency experience but at freelancers prices – Keredy works solo as well as within an Avengers Assemble style set-up. Keredy is proud to wear her ‘Jack of All Trades’ badge and loves nothing to cross-pollinate, wear different hats and stick her fingers in all the pies (she is northern).

However, when required, she sends the call out to other experienced freelancers who are on hand to help deliver one off projects and ongoing contracts – not actually contracts to avenge anyone, to be clear.

Read more about the Hannes Avengers and their super creds below…


keredy andrews

Company: Hannes

Superpowers: Strategy, narrative, social media content

Sector weapons: Construction, charity, community

Slaying outfit: Dungarees and tee, +3 layers in the winter, ever-changing hair colours

Previous life: Location hospitality, including work for the Jaguar Racing F1 team

gina tunley

Company: Target PR

Superpowers: Interviewing, research, thought leadership

Sector weapons: Manufacturing, construction, decor

Slaying outfit: Animal print something, grey and black

Previous life: Journalist

cat roberts - young

Company: Cat Copy Creative

Superpowers: Tone of Voice strategy, creative copy, words that sell
Sector weapons: The arts and non-profit, financial services, food and hospitality
Slaying outfit: Patterns, pink coat, cowboy boots – yeeha!
Previous life: Agency and in-house

gareth swann

AKA: Swanny

Company: Lean Consultancy

Superpowers: Project planning, event management, partnership integration and sponsorships

Sector weapons: Gaming/Esports, experiential, logistics

Slaying outfit: Jeans, hoody and a laptop under the arm

Previous life: Sega Global Events Manager

james bentley

Company: James Bentley Design

Superpowers: Branding and illustrating, typesetting, UI/UX

Sector weapons: Public sector, retail, community

Slaying outfit: Always Balling Club tee and cargo pants

Previous life: NHS Web Team Manager

suzanne andrews

Company: Suzanne Rose Photography

Superpowers: Candid photography, event photography, capturing moments and vibes

Sector: Community, events, the arts

Slaying outfit: Dressy casual with converse, sequins and statement socks

Previous life: Personal Assistant in education and tourism marketing

We have experience working in B2B service industries – including construction and property, software and tech, and manufacturing – and B2C arts and interiors sectors – including festivals, art, DIY and interior design.

However, we believe in the skills we’ve sharpened over the last 20+ years and we’re never shy of a challenge, whatever your industry or audience.

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